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Don Derrett

Don Derrett

Don was the Chief Executive and co-founder of self direct, the innovative social enterprise dedicated to stimulating changes in the social and health market-place in response to self-directed support and personalisation, which operated between 2008-2013.

Self direct worked with providers of social and health services, local authorities and health authorities across the UK to progress change, identifying opportunities and coproducing solutions to the challenges presented by personalisation. Don brought together this work in self direct’s book Helping providers to change.

Don developed self direct’s many partnership working arrangements. Don is passionate about ensuring that changes in the social and health sector are driven by people with real life experience of how services affect lives and many of self direct’s associates had this experience and worked alongside self direct professionals as equals.

Don was a co-founder of in Control Cymru and continued as a member of the steering group that has led the formation of the Wales Alliance for Citizen Directed Support. Don was in Control’s Business Manager from 2005 to 2007, a period that saw the launch of the first in Control Report, the production of the DVD How to be in control and growth as an organisation from supporting 6 local authorities to over 100 local authorities to implement self-directed support.

Before setting up self direct, Don held senior change management roles within Mencap; leading a group of senior managers that oversaw projects aimed at introducing self-directed support across Mencap in the UK. Don compiled and wrote self direct’s second book, Self-direction - The key to a better life.

Don is now living in France.