Markus Vähälä

Markus Vähälä

Markus Vähälä is a project co-ordinator in a non-profit organisation named Lyhty in Helsinki, Finland. Markus has specialised degrees in IT and nursing and has worked professionally in Lyhty since 1998. 

Lyhty ry is an organisation which delivers innovative services for adults with learning disabilities. Specifically, Lyhty is a provider of housing facilities and daily activity workshops. The aforesaid workshops include: Culture Workshop Valo, Media Workshop Radio Valo, Outdoor Workhop Lato, Textile Workshop Valo, Study Unit Lamppu and a Cafe Workshop at IPI Cafe in Helsinki. At the present time, Lyhty supports over 100 individuals and their families.

Markus is continuously working on projects that promote volunteering and the conception and design of fresh methods that support people with learning disabilities. Markus is the project manager for Radio Valo, which is a network of groups with learning disabilities producing programs for Lyhty’s Radio Valo media station and workshop. The group also produces programs in national radio stations, and through Radio Valo’s international network in countries such as Tanzania and Taiwan. Markus is keenly involved in international co-operation and has worked to promote international programs for youth and learning in Finland.  

In his free time Markus is leading a non-profit organisation Syn Erga ry - Doing together. Synerga is an organisation that brings together activists and organisations interested in developing society side by side. Syn Erga campaigns against the discriminative nature of public procurement in services for people with learning disabilities. The initiative gathered over 5000 supporters in 2014.

Markus is interested in music technology and sings in a classical choir and raps in a band called CNF -Community Neglects the facts.