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We are a small social enterprise, which acts as the hub for a large network of Fellows.

Most of the work we do is for free - pro bono - and we do it because we think it is important.

We value our freedom and independence, and in the following film Simon Duffy explains how the Centre is funded.

Since the creation of the Centre in 2009 our annual funding has varied from year to year, but has never exceeded £100,000 per year. Our accounts are lodged with Companies House and you can check out our accounts there.

Most of our funding is in the form of small payments for speaking, research, publications or development work. Here is a list of all our funders who have contributed £5,000 or more:

  • Avivo (Australia)
  • ACH (Australia)
  • Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Cameron Trust (not the ex-Prime Minister)
  • Choice Support
  • Citizen Network Australia
  • Erasmus+
  • IRISS (Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services)
  • Joint Improvement Partnership
  • KVPS (Finland)
  • Local Government Yorkshire & Humber
  • National Lottery (DRILL)
  • NHS England
  • NHS Plymouth
  • NHS Sheffield
  • NZDSN (New Zealand Disability Support Network)
  • Paradigm Consulting
  • Partners for Inclusion
  • Sheffield City Council
  • South Australian Government
  • TLAP (Think Local Act Personal)
  • Yorkshire & Humber Improvement Partnership