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Wendy Perez

Wendy Perez

Wendy is a leading self-advocate, disability activist and consultant, and she has recently set up her own organisation See Me As Me. Wendy is also co-authoring an accessible version of Keys to Citizenship with Simon Duffy.

Wendy has been one of the leading champions for self-directed support and individual budgets. She was one of the first people with learning difficulties to get her own direct payment and also the first person to get an individual budget in her local area. She has also worked to help other people get individual budgets and their own support plans locally.

Wendy has worked as a consultant for Paradigm as well as working with the Circles Network and she has been a representative on the local government's Partnership Board.

Wendy has provided training on direct payments, involving people with learning difficulties, person-centred planning, making information accessible, developing self advocacy , self determination, evaluation and leadership training for people with learning difficulties. She has previously worked for St George's Hospital, King's College and was involved in developing the government policy, Valuing People. Wendy has also been involved in training medical students in one of the country’s first such schemes.

Wendy is one of Britain’s leading self-advocates and has co-authored a number of publications including a chapter in Learning Disability Today, a number of books in the Books Beyond Words, The Good Practice Guide to Health and Deciding Together, as well as being a past contributor to Mencap’s newsletter, Viewpoint.

Wendy lives in Hammersmith, in London. She is an avid Arsenal supporter, Mac user and DJ, going under the name of ‘Hotwheels’.