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DCWW Italy: Connecting Communities

This webinar is the second in the Day Centres Without Walls (DCWW) programme, supported by the European Union's Erasmus+ programme. In this webinar we hear from the team at Kara Bobowski in Modigliana, Italy. 

Kara Bobowski is a social co-operative which works to include disabled people and other groups needing support in the life of the local community. Kara Bobowski has pioneered the use of placements, internships and exchanges. Disabled people have been able to visit and work abroad and Kara Bobowski has welcomed people from many different countries to learn about and support their work.

Presentation 1 - Inclusive Mobilities:

 Presentation 2 - Diversity is Richness:

You can read more about Kara Bobowski, the organisation here and their European exchange projects here.

The following film about Modigliana was also shared during the webinar:

This webinar was hosted by Citizen Network and is part of the Day Centres Without Walls Project co-funded by Erasmus+ and IKY.

The webinar was recorded on 10th July 2020.



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