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Organising for Neighbourhood Democracy

Rachel Payling, Wendy Lowder and Annabelle Macfadyen joined Angela Fell of the Neighbourhood Democracy Movement.

Angela Fell asked Rachel Payling and Wendy Lowder to share lessons from their work to shift the culture and structures of local government and statutory partners in Barnsley towards an approach which was more respectful of local citizens. 

Barnsley have moved decisions closer to people and communities and has seen progressive improvements in wellbeing and solidarity. Watch the first session:

In the second session, Annabelle Macfadyen of Frome Neighbourhood Network shared how neighbourhoods are working to develop thriving neighbourhoods in partnership with the independent (FlatPack Democracy) Frome Town Council. 

Annabelle explains how organising by blocks and streets has enabled the town to respond effectively to COVID-19; growing capacity to solve problems locally and to inspire people across the town to take action and work together.

The webinar was recorded on 8th February 2021.


Angela Fell

Angela Fell


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