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Personalisation and Local Government

Talk given to local authority Chief executives on the way in which local government could re-imagine its own role - with a real commitment to supporting citizenship.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Slides on Personalisation and Local Government © Simon Duffy 2012.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this paper may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher except for the quotation of brief passages in reviews.


Citizenship Council

Citizenship Council

Slides describing a different role for local government in the face of current cuts and on-going disempowerment.

Citizenship & Community

Citizenship & Community

This paper outlines the relationship between active citizenship and community development and its relationship to the idea of Total Place.

Citizenship - the missing key to public policy and welfare reform

Citizenship - the missing key

Presentation for the Masters in Public Administration Annual Conference on the value of citizenship in public policy and welfare reform.