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Campaign for a Fair Society launches eight-point Manifesto

The Campaign For a Fair Society is launching its manifesto for a better future at an event at the House of Lords today (12th March).

The campaign was born in 2010 in response to concerns that spending cuts would fall disproportionately on the most vulnerable groups in society. Using the Government’s own figures, the eight-point manifesto being launched today shows that £23.7 billion of annual cuts will fall on disabled people, older people and those living in poverty – 58% of all cuts. Furthermore, the manifesto highlights that 25% of all cuts will target the 2% of people who need the most support.

The manifesto argues that not only are these cuts unfair, but they are also inefficient, creating greater inequalities in income, which in turn will lead to poorer physical and mental health, family breakdown and increased institutionalisation.

The manifesto calls on governments in England, Wales and Scotland to recognise the right of everyone to live a full life, with meaning and respect and puts forward eight proposals for a fair society. These measures include strengthening of the current Human Rights Act, better access to early support, a clearer system of entitlements and the right to a fair income.

Steven Rose, Chair of the England Steering Group of the Campaign for a Fair Society, said:

“The current system is inherently unfair. It fails to recognise the right of everyone to be treated as full citizens, with a valuable contribution to make and a full and meaningful life to lead.

“As more and more cuts are made to the income and support available to the most vulnerable and those living in poverty, the worse things will get for everyone.

“The Campaign for a Fair Society’s manifesto shows that there is an alternative – a society where everyone is treated equally, regardless of age, differences or disabilities. If we all have the vision and are willing work together to realise it, then we can create a society that is fair for everyone.”

Read the manifesto in full here.

For further information please contact Sarah Bartlett or Jaime Gill in the United Response Press Office on 020 8246 5237/ 07980915749 or 0208 246 5122 or email jaime.gill@unitedresponse.org.uk or sarah.bartlett@unitedresponse.org.uk


Set up in 2010, the Campaign for a fair Society is a diverse, UK-wide alliance of organisations and individuals campaigning for a society that values, includes and supports all of its citizens.

It is independent of all political parties. It represents the interests of disabled people and everyone who is disadvantaged by the laws, policies and systems in the UK.

The Campaign for a Fair Society is a federation with equal representation from England, Scotland and Wales.

The Campaign for a fair Society welcomes support from everyone who wants a fairer society.