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Compass publish basic income report

Compass the leading membership organisation for progressive change in the United Kingdom have published an important report making the case for basic income.

Howard Reed and Stewart Lansley, the authors of the report, model two options for implementing basic income over time. They find that basic income could be much fairer and beneficial to wider social change. This report follows support from the RSA who have also published a report backing basic income.

Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform said:

"I was lucky enough to attend the stimulating event organised by Compass to launch their report. There is now serious discussion of the benefits of basic income taking place within the Labour Party, the Green Party and the SNP. It is also so encouraging to see organisations like Compass and the RSA supporting the idea of basic income. In the future advocates of basic income, like the Centre for Welfare Reform, will need to take seriously the many concerns that still exist whilst also pushing to ensure that basic income is not just another technical reform but leads to a movement for greater social justice and income equality."

The report is available to download at:


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