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Guide published on what makes us healthy

What makes us healthy? An introduction to the social determinants of health, is a new introductory guide from The Health Foundation. It explores how a person’s opportunity for health is influenced by factors outside the health and social care system.

Our health is influenced by the circumstances in which we are born, grow, live work and age: the social determinants. These affect people in different ways and they don’t operate in isolation. With the help of short case studies, the guide highlights how action can create improvements in the health of the whole population, for the lasting benefit of individuals, society and the economy. It has been written for anyone with an interest in people’s health and wellbeing.

Download the guide: http://www.health.org.uk/publication/what-makes-us-healthy

Hard copies of the guide can also be ordered from The Health Foundation's website, using the same link.

Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform said:

"This is a great initiative from The Health Foundation. Terminology like 'the social determinants of health' tends to disguise an important reality: people lead much healthier lives when there's no poverty and when people can live, work and rest in homes and communities that are free from pollution. Healthcare is important, but a healthy society requires much more than good healthcare; we must take care of each other and we must take care of the built and natural environment. This guide helps people to see behind the jargon and to identify practical steps for action."