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Inclusive Education conference - 19 May

SALAMANCA 20 Years On: Inclusion in Modern Times

Monday 19th May 2014

10.30am – 4pm


The British Psychological Society
30 Tabernacle Street
London EC2A 4UE

Cost: £20.00 (includes lunch - pay on the day)


  1. Presentations from Mel Ainscow and Tara Flood (Salamanca Statement and lessons learned from it)
  2. Workshops: What have educational psychologists and others been trying to do since Salamanca? How far have we come?

12.30 Lunch


  1. Presentations from Florian Kiuppis and Marianne Kant-Schaps (Inclusion all over the world) 
  2. Workshops: Connection with current situation (Children and Families, Code of Practice etc). What can we do now? What do we need?
  3. Panel Q and A: panellists will include Philippa Stobbs (Council for Disabled Children), Rep from the DfE and others.

For further information and to book email Keith Venables: psychinclusion@yahoo.co.uk