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Research on Peer Support and Personal Budgets

Jon Hyslop is a postgraduate research student at Oxford Brookes University who is carrying out research investigating the usefulness of peer support for people using personal budgets to plan their own health and social care support. 

Jon is looking for participants who have experience of providing peer support to personal budget users in a range of different settings. 

Peer support could mean working for a DPULO, CIL or similar organisation; this could be as a paid staff member, regular volunteer, or in some other role (perhaps as a self-employed support broker or co-ordinator of a self-help group). 

Participating would involve taking part in a group discussion, and completing a short background information questionnaire (this should take about 15 minutes). Participants will not be paid but it may be possible to pay people’s travel expenses if they can’t claim from elsewhere. 

There is more information about the project, including the dates and locations of groups here

You can also contact Jon by phone on: 01865 482833, email, twitter or via the facebook page for the project.