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Resilience UBI

UBI Lab Network have published a proposal for a Resilience Universal Basic Income which is based on a Covid Dividend that would give:

  • all working-age adults (16-64) £400 each month
  • all children and pensioners £200 each month

The end of furlough and the £20 cut to Universal Credit will hit the poorest families hard this winter. The pandemic is not yet over. We urgently need to provide support and security to households across the UK. Unless we replace the furlough scheme with another form of support, millions of people will be plunged into poverty.

The Resilience UBI would last one year, but could be extended depending on circumstances. Like the furlough scheme, we would fund a Resilience UBI through Quantitative Easing. This means the Bank of England would create new money to pay for the scheme.

A Resilience UBI would:

  • guarantee economic security for every household in the UK
  • give citizens the spending power to revive our communities and our high streets
  • build up resilience in individual households and our economy to protect against future shocks

The proposal paper explains how we can easily afford a Resilience UBI. 

To read this fully-costed proposal developed by Patrick Brown visit:


Note: UBI Lab is a worldwide network of citizens, researchers and activists exploring the potential of Universal Basic Income (UBI). UBI is a regular and unconditional payment given to everyone regardless of their income, wealth or work. A UBI could provide financial security for all, building more resilient economies and giving everyone the resources they need to thrive. We believe the time has come to pilot this radical new idea. UBI Lab Network is a partner organisation of Citizen Network.