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The Unmaking of Man published

The latest book by Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, is now available to buy.

The Unmaking of Man reviews the history of the Holocaust for people with disabilities. Too few people realise that people with disabilities were not only victims of the Holocaust they were its first victims; they were the first victims of Nazi experiments in eugenics and murder. It was doctors who lobbied Hitler to convert institutions into early death camps and these technologies were then applied to the Jews.

This is not just a matter of history. When we examine the causes of moral breakdown in Hitler's Germany we find that some of the same factors are powerfully present today. There are philosophical confusions and insufficient recognition of the unique value of every human life. There are socio-economic insecurities and a sense of crisis; and people with disabilities remain poorer, more isolated and with diminished rights. The threat from new forms of eugenics is very real and growing.

Although the subject matter of the book is dark and some of its warnings are grim its purpose is to help people organise to combat growing injustice and the threats to people with disabilities across the world.

The book is also the first in a new series of publications by the Centre for Welfare Reform called The Need for Roots. John O'Brien and Simon Duffy will jointly edit a series of papers to explore the practices and values necessary to ensure communities can respect human diversity in the spirit of human equality.

The Unmaking of Man is the first publication of the Centre for Welfare Reform's to be made available as a commercial ePublication via Amazon and other digital retailers.

You can buy your ebook here: