Basic Income

The benefit system is full of problems. It stigmatises those who use it and it often creates poverty traps that make life more difficult and it has become increasingly punitive and controlling. Today, what are called 'reforms' are actually making a bad system worse.

We have lost sight of the fundamental purpose of the welfare state - to provide all of us, as equal citizens, with secure social and economic rights. The erosion of welfare rights is not leading to a better society, but to increased fear and a less fruitful and productive society.

Basic Income (or Citizen's Income) is part of a better solution for everyone - providing security, incentives and freedom for all. The Centre, along with it allies, is committed to promoting a better understanding of this idea and how it can be turned into reality.

Read our latest report - Let's Scrap the DWP - for our analysis of the problem and its potential solution.

This project is ongoing.

Current initiatives include:

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