Citizenship for All

Keys to Citizenship was the nationally acclaimed concept conceived by Dr Simon Duffy and published as a guide to getting good support for people with learning disabilities in 2003. The principles were taken on by many working alongside people with learning disabilities in the years after this. This helped to improve people’s lives and ensure the principles were at the forefront of developing true citizenship for all. 

Sadly ten years on people are still being abused, and are still not full citizens having great lives. So in 2014 Simon with Wendy Perez, Cornwall People First, Gary Kent from New Key and Sam Sly from Enough is Enough Time4Change came together as a project group to refresh and refocus Keys - Citizenship for All so that it can once again be pivotal to improving people’s lives. 

The Keys were further developed by Simon and Wendy to reflect current thinking and to be more accessible. 

There are now 7 Keys:

We want to push this project forward and are now looking for partners and people interested in helping us develop a network and take action to get people great lives as true citizens. 

Our aims:

People with learning disabilities make great Citizens
Keys developments need to be about practical helpful things - helping people make a difference in their lives - we don't want to produce academic things.
We will not be using jargon and will always use words that people understand.
We want to develop things that will give people with learning disabilities information and training to empower them.
Keys should form the base for mentoring, learning and development of knowledge and skills.
The checking services will continue but will be enhanced by training and mentoring.
The Centre for Welfare Reform will support and back up the project, producing information.
We want Keys to help change people's attitudes and the culture.
We want Keys to help reclaim Citizenship for everyone.

Working Groups:

Please email the named person to find out more.

Jo Hogg, Amanda Frost, Anna Harris, Suzie Fothergill and Kathy Steele are developing a network for the use of Keys in Quality Checking.

Ben Drew is using Keys to develop Side by Side learning for people with learning disabilities and their supporters.

Vicki Raphael and Sam Sly are developing training in Keys with Families.

Tanya Moore is exploring the use of Keys in Social Work training.

Helen Wilcox, Sam Sly, Jim Thomas and Gary Kent are testing how Keys can be used in Social Care training.

Helen Toker-Lester and Sam Sly are exploring the use of Keys in Commissioning.

Join In:

If you'd like to join us and get involved with this exciting project please get in touch with Sam Sly:


Phone +44 7900 424144