Manavodaya International

Manavodaya means Human Awakening and the Manavodaya Institute for Participatory Development is a powerful engine for personal and social change which has had a powerful impact in helping oppressed groups and people in extreme poverty transform their own lives, together.

Manavodaya trains people in the art of facilitation, teaching them to respect the expertise and authority of ordinary people to bring about the necessary changes in their own lives. Manavodaya was established by Varun Vidyarthi in 1985 and it is internationally recognised as centre of excellence in facilitation, true social work and self-help.

You can find out more about Manavodaya by visiting its own website or by reading many of the different articles published about Manavodaya on the Centre's website.

Carl Poll Scholarships

Manavodaya International was established by the late Carl Poll, and by others who were inspired by the incredible work of Manavodaya and who want to help others in the world benefit from its learning and values.

Manavodaya International is now working in partnership with Citizen Network and the Centre for Welfare Reform to support the work of Manavodaya by granting Carl Poll Scholarships.

Carl Poll Scholarships are for people who want to attend the Manavodaya Institute in India to learn about the art of facilitation, but who lack the necessary resources.

Attendance at the Manavodaya Institute currently costs $1,200 for two weeks, and includes accommodation, food and local travel costs. However flights are not included in the fee.

The next two international courses run from:

  • 29th January 2018 
  • 8th March 2018 (now fully booked)

Future course dates will be available.

The January 2018 course programme is available to download here (pdf).

The Scholarship Awards Panel will review applications in terms of 3 questions:

  1. What contribution will you be able to make to meet your costs?
  2. What work will you do on your return?
  3. How will you share your learning in the future?

We expect to grant about 3 applications every year, with an average cost of $1,200 (USD) although applications can be for less or more than this amount, depending on circumstances.

We would be particularly keen to get applications from people in countries where there is currently no established connection to Manavodaya.

You must be a member of Citizen Network in order to apply for a Carl Poll Scholarship (and it is free to join Citizen Network).

If your application is successful you will be invited to become a Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform

You must also document something about your experience and the application of your learning back home which will then be published by the Centre and shared by Citizen Network.

In the future the Fund will also be working with Citizen Network to generate more funding and to support the development of projects that will put into practice the principles of Manavodaya in other places around the world.

To apply for a Carl Poll Scholarship please write to:

Pete Richmond
Manavodaya International
℅ Partners for Inclusion

84 Portland Street


For more information please email Pete Richmond.

Manavodaya International is the name for the Scottish Charity Manavodaya International UK Number SC042051