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Self Directed Futures

Making self-directed support work for everyone

Self Directed Futures leads the Centre's work on Self-Directed Support in England and Wales. The team provide consultancy, research and training to lead the development of new thinking on commissioning and the use of Individual Service Funds (ISFs).

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Chris Watson

Chris Watson

Steph Lyons PhD

Steph Lyons PhD


Contracting for ISFs

Contracting for ISFs

Chris Watson briefly outlines some of the main legal features of an Individual Service Fund (ISF) and explores how community hubs or micro-enterprises might use them.

A Commissioners' Guide to Individual Service Funds

A Commissioners' Guide to ISFs

This guide offers a commissioner's perspective on how to implement Individual Service Funds and widen self-directed support beyond Direct Payments.

Trying Out Individual Service Funds (ISFs)

Trying Out Individual Service Funds

Self-Directed Futures has been working alongside colleagues from Bristol City Council (BCC) commissioning team to develop their Individual Service Fund offer.

Individual Service Funds (ISFs) in Dorset

Individual Service Funds (ISFs) Dorset

Dorset have established a ground-breaking commissioning strategy enabling people with learning disabilities & mental health problems to manage their personal budgets.

Map of ISFs in England

Map of ISFs in England

Map showing progress on Individual Service Funds (ISFs) in the country.

Growing New Models of Support

Growing New Models of Support

Chris Watson describes how using individual service funds can lead to new ways of supporting people in their own communities.

Supporting and Developing the Workforce for ISFs

Supporting and Developing the Workforce

This guide from Skills for Care was developed over several months by the South West Individual Service Fund Network and several Fellows of the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Individual Service Funds (ISFs) Easy Read

Individual Service Funds Easy Read

This Easy Read guide explains how Individual Service Funds (ISFs) let people manage a personal budget without needing to use direct payments.

Good Things About Individual Service Funds

Good Things About ISFs

An easy read guide to Individual Service Funds or ISFs. A great way to manage your support.

Individual Service Fund (ISFs) Agreement

Individual Service Fund Agreement

This Individual Service Fund (ISF) Agreement describes the contract between the person and the community service that they choose to manage their budget.

SDS Network: Individual Service Funds (ISFs)

SDS Network: ISFs

Chris Watson of Self Directed Futures and Gary Kent of New Key and Jacqui Hendra of Devon County Council on ISFs.

SDS Network: COVID-19 and Overview

SDS Network: COVID-19 and Overview

The first webinar from the SDS network covered the issues of how countries were responding to the COVID-19 crisis, what the crisis can teach us about changes we need for the future and how this may impact the development of self-directed support.

Social Care's Response to COVID-19

Social Care's Response to COVID-19

Chris Watson shares his observations on how commissioners in health and social care have responsed to the COVID-19 crisis.