SKILLS - SDS in Europe

The Centre for Welfare Reform is working together with KVPS, In Control Scotland, Anffas and EASPD on an Erasmus+ funded project to promote self-directed support (SDS) in Europe.

Many people with disabilities, older people and people with mental health problems remain in institutions or in institutional services. It is still unusual for people and families to have the control they need to create the right kind of support for their own lives. This project will help people develop skills in using, providing, educating and lobbying for self-directed support. In particular it will produce:

  • My Freedom of Choice - Accessible training and toolkit on self-directed support for people and families
  • Supporting Citizenship - Training and toolkit for front-line staff working in the disability services
  • Supporting Lifelong Learning Opportunities - Training and toolkit for staff working in Adult Education
  • Leading the Way - Strategic planning and lobbying toolkit
  • Self-Directed Support in Europe - A report on progress on self-directed support

More information is available on the EASPD website - the European Association for Services Providers for Persons with Disabilities.

We are currently looking for people fro different countries around the world who can provide some expertise on the quality and extent of self-directed support in your country. If you think you can provide an overview of your own country's system then please complete our questionnaire:

Online Questionnaire

Your answers will help us develop an atlas of self-directed support which will be published in draft form for discussion in 2018 and then revised for final publication in 2019.