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Exploring the Strength of Community

Liz Leach Murphy and Sarah Holmes explore the factors that make for stronger and richer community life. 

Liz and Sarah both work for the community organisation Imagineer which is based in Calderdale and acts as the base for the National Brokerage Network too. 

Liz and Sarah's work focuses on helping people be citizens and engage directly in the life of the community. Their webinar focuses on the question of how best to support people to be citizens and how we can tap into the hidden strength of our communities.

This webinar was given as part of the Neighbourhood Democracy series.

The webinar was recorded on 19th June 2020.


Liz Leach Murphy

Liz Leach Murphy

Sarah Holmes

Sarah Holmes


Exploring the Strength of Community

Exploring Strength of Community

The crisis in social care teaches us that the key to promoting wellbeing for all citizens lies in citizen action and neighbourhood democracy.

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